Make this Mother's Day easy and enjoy with  family at home.
Pick up, heat up, sorted.

Boxes - $240 - Feeds 4



House- made ciabatta, whipped butter
Harris smoked salmon, horseradish cream pickled fennel + Leonardi dressing
Stracciatella, roast beetroot, rhubarb vinaigrette, pickled pear + walnuts
Pea, N’duja + scamorza arancini, saffron aioli
Spatchcock Nomad chicken, fennel sausage & pine nut stuffing, black garlic butter, salsa verde + pan juices
Roasted baby potatoes, porcini salt
Mixed leaf salad, butter milk + dill vinaigrette

Dark chocolate + pecan brownie, salted maple cream, spiced rum butterscotch

Limited Numbers | Pick up Saturday 7th of May 9 - 11am

Cooking instructions available here



Mother's Day Boxes

  • Pick up Saturday 7th of May 9 - 11am

    From ORSO Restaurant, 36 Kensington Rd, Rose Park