With a slight change to the menu with a delicious beef bourguignon replacing the ribs, we bring to you our weekend dinner box. 


With simple heating and plating instructions, ORSO at Home makes entertaining easy and simple. 


Boxes - $90 - Feeds 2


  • Herbed bread 
  • Buffalo milk soft cheese, served with Ventricina salami, chicory greens dressed with  citrus and bay leaf oil
  • Spiced Veal Ragu sauce with Gigli pasta topped with grated parmesan

  • Wagyu Brisket Beef bourginon, Jerusalem artichoke purée, gremolata.

  • Lemon pannacotta and blueberry compote


Limited Numbers | Pick up Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th

We operate under restricted trading guidelines. 
Your wellbeing is our priority, always. We look forward to celebrating safely with you.

Dinner Box No. III for 2

  • Pick up from ORSO 36 Kensington Road, Rose Park

  • This is dish is cold and requires simple heating and plating. With our easy to follow instructions, ORSO at Home makes entertaining easy and simple.